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    To help in choosing which house is right for you we have separated the houses in our portfolio into several categories. Some are bigger than others, some have their own beaches and some are little more than deluxe beach shacks. All are the best of their kind.

    The houses and private islands in Film Stars and Villains tend to be the biggest and the best and suit high-rollers and James Bond villains alike. They are all very private. Flip-Flop Luxury lies at the heart of what we are about - stylish houses in great locations with exceptional, low-key service.

    Robinson Crusoe is a selection of blissfully simple, remoter beach houses for those who want to get away from the world. City Surfers will delight those looking for the action of the city without cutting down on their beach-time and Beach Cowboys is a one-off, world-beating ranch a few minutes upriver from some of Brazil best beaches...

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